Jots with dots 9/16

AP: I’m going to stay by a guiding principle that says imprisonment is a punishment of last resort. AP is less likable each day, but I still don’t think this calls for jail time. These kids will recover easily, given the opportunity. They probably already have.

The idea has been posited that AP didn’t know how hard he was striking these kids, and a lot of people find that dubious. Think about this word: superhuman. It’s not actually comic book stuff. It describes people like AP as compared to normal people. We’re talking about a guy with say one of the ten best physical musculatures on the planet. He’s got superhuman strength, and the quality of that strength as compared to other people is absurd. What he doesn’t have is super human brains. He’s of average functional intelligence at best, and he’s young and sheltered as well. He’s got no depth of wisdom. It’s really quite possible he’s not smart enough or attuned enough to know he’s hitting his kids too hard.

Chait: Chait gores Thomas Frank, a misanthrope lefty. Frank is famous for his paean to the notion of Marxist false consciousness, ‘Whats the matter with Kansas’. Not all of Marx’ thought is crap, but false consciousness is. Chait gores the misanthrope left with some regularity. Not for being too goofy or too communist. Chait himself might be exactly as communist and goofy as the misanthrope left. But Chait gores the misanthrope left for not understanding that under American republican democracy the Overton window is open only so far to pet lefty potentialities. That’s what he’s doing here in this article. It’s glib, a throwaway piece done ostensibly to burnish his reputation for even handedness, to the extent he can claim that. But it’s a sleight of hand there, as it’s not a critique of lefty ideology, ie, not a critique of radical egalitarianism and redistribution.

Strikes me as an overstatement:

Maher V Rose, note 3: I’m provocative there when I characterize liberal antipathy to Christian religion. But what’s true is this phenomenon where liberals won’t call a spade a spade, for some strange reason that we haven’t come to agreement on. Worse, is they call conservative thinkers racists for calling spades, spades.

On the subject of cool sweat shirts. Urban Outfitters Kent State shirt I’m a square, so Urban Outfitters is not my world. But I can’t help wonder who’s world it is. Ya know, when I was in high school and college there was a large contingent of my peers who were bummed they didn’t live out the 60’s, and so they undertook these neo- hippie personas. I wasn’t one of those kids. My parents were not hippies, but they experienced the 60’s thoroughly in a way that the prosperous, small town Lutheran parents of my peers did not. And I had a fleeting, backward glance at that history as I grew up in the 70’s, so I did not consider the 60’s exotic. Still, I can’t see how a neo-hippie buys that shirt, it’s too much of an inside reference by now. And way too expensive at $129. I think it’s kind of clever as a gallery piece though.


4 thoughts on “Jots with dots 9/16

  1. pm1956

    AP: you’d think he would have noticed the blood, and that might have been a clue….
    Personally, I think I’d blame aggression–something that is prized on the field and in practice, but awfully tough to stop when you get back into normal life situations. And all of us who have kids know that they can be aggravating. Aggression and aggravation are a bad combination.

    Chait: not certain what your thing about Chait is. but he clearly gets to you. Chait, Klein and Yglesias all have a “thing” about the older generation of critics and pundits who fly by the seat of their pants and little else. Vapid would be a good description of that older generation. Chait et. al. are data driven, and are more than willing to take on vapid hypocrisy on the left and the right. Frank is something of a blowhard, similar to George Will.

    Religion: i know that you like to characterize the left as “godless”, an old smear of the religious right. Frankly, I think that Christianity offers a lot more support for redistribution and equality of outcome political measures than you seem to realize. the liberal antipathy is towards the religious right, who in fact are not all that christian. What was it that jesus said about the chances of a rich man getting into heaven? Something about a camel and the eye of a needle? Frankly, Marx is often considered to be a proto-christian.


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