Jots with dots 9/15

Yo Adrian. I’m from the upper Midwest and young enough that I never got corporally punished much.But generally, there is this thing where people are acting like they need a ‘switch’ explained to them, and this is a curiosity. It’s not that obscure a concept or a word.

We might ask why corporal punishment with switches was never prominent in the north and Midwest. I’d venture it’s been our lack of fibrous, boingy, shrub trees that grow in dryer climes and are elastic and resistant to cracking. This is no doubt a function of our relatively moist weather compared to the south and southwest. Unfortunately, that may not last with global warming. And with dry weather coming to the north and Midwest we’ll have more fibrous, boingy thickets replete with durable switches. A consequence is no doubt going to be an epidemic of excessive child punishment here. 97% consensus.

Anywho. I’m not a jock sniffer in general, despite an appreciation for baseball in particular. And I’m certainly not a football guy. I look down at its participants and fans with some snobbery. I will say though, while Adrian may very well deserve his engagement with the child protection system, what he’s done seems to be something less than ‘domestic violence’. And that maybe people should cut him some slack that they would not give Ray Rice. But, I’m just speaking to the tactile ‘feel’ of words and not substance.

There is this to say though, I think. With his success and superficial charm he’s the epitome of a marketable athlete, but capturing those dollars requires that his ‘personal brand’ not be sullied by the details of his personal life. And he’s deficient in character there. He’s got a bunch of illegitimate kids with a bunch of women. The problem moreso is that some of them live in squalorous circumstances, and some are apparently exposed to squalorous calamity when they visit Peterson himself. Had this been generally known, those endorsement dollars would be much more difficult to capture. But that stuff is ostensibly off-limits to the sports press while still being common knowledge. Not sure it should work that way in a rationale world.

O’s Chris Davis suspended for adderal: You’d think if Davis can get a prescription, he could get an exemption from MLB. Guess not so much, they must be kinda stingy with the adderall exemptions.

I just concluded a five year period in which I took adderall about every day. I was fatigued of it and couldn’t shake an oblique side effect, dry mouth. But yeah, so far as it is addictive….there was something about it that made me reliably take those pills every day. It wasn’t so addictive that I was compelled to abuse it so that it would give me more of whatever it was giving me. And when I finally wanted to stop, I stopped. That was last month.

And what was it giving me? Seems to me if you take it every day the ability to improve your concentration was less dramatic. You just ended up a little amped and twitchy. Probably did give you good reflexes and response though. I would not call that ‘concentration’. I will say … my dosage was such that I took a pill in the morning and one at lunch. Now, I have a side business, in which I make say “McGuffans”. I need to make about ten a week to keep up, and I have to do it at night and on the weekends. If I had a bunch of guys calling me, wanting their ‘McGuffans’ and I needed to work to get them out and didn’t want to… I took an adderall at supper. And this allowed me to kick fanny until about midnight.

So there’s that. It’s an upper, it’s an amphetamine.

Bill Maher, actually being politically incorrect…. And right. Ya know, I think he’s vulgar and obnoxious. And this is probably not in dispute. He is. But at zingy we’re all about truth, and not political parties. Maher these days repeatedly demonstrates an ability to discern truth.

NY Times and Pro-Publica, The Assault Weapon Myth.

Extraordinarily fine article. I put it to the Cntrl-F, and it does not find the NRA mentioned once.

It might deserve to be said additionally: it didn’t end up being a myth by itself, so what it is a lie. And the NRA didn’t make up that lie. It was lefty public policy fellows and academics who did that.

With the numbers so overwhelmingly on the side of the shooters and owners, I am unable to come up with a legislative / electoral scenario that would have been remarkably different, IE, one where the GC advocacy movement achieves something close to their stated goals or even moves the ball. But it’s hard to imagine the GC movement having been led worse. Democrats would do well to not listen to these people, and it appears that may be happening.


One thought on “Jots with dots 9/15

  1. pm1956

    I certainly agree that Maher is obnoxious–and also very, very smart. Someone who I like more than Maher, but is kind of cut from the same cloth (although a critic, not a comic) made exactly the same point regarding Islam: Christopher Hitchens. C come from the law, and that shouo=ertainly not all muslims are violent, and I am not convinced that there is something inherently violent about Islam, but there seems to be a higher correlation between Islam and violence than other religions. I am just not yet completely convinced that there is causation as opposed to correlation. A higher level of proof is required for that than we currently have.

    I think that what AP did is certainly abusive. That said, something about this whole situation bothers me. Ideally, his punishment should be the extent of it. He should not be shunned by the community, nor should he be prevented from earning a living. I agree that the law is less than ideal on dealing with abuse situations, but i am still not comfortable with trial by scarlet letter, shunning, hounding by the press, etc. I just last night watched Dallas Buyers Club (great movie), and after the star let it out that he had HIV/AIDs, he lost his job, his friends, etc. Clearly that sort of shunning happened, and might well still happen today. Yes, there are differences in the situations (victim/victimizer, etc), but i do not think that shunning of this sort is a good thing, generally. It makes me uncomfortable that social mores galvanized by social media can quickly cost people their jobs, livelihoods, etc. Laws and the legal system are the appropriate methods for punishing people who break the law. I do not feel comfortable when we (society) become sanctimonious and take that stuff (punishment) into our own hands. maybe in this case it is justified, but maybe not in the next. I simply do not like the precedent.


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