Jots with dots 9/15 evening edition  I think it’s already been observed that the NFL amounts to the modern equivalent of gladiator games at the coliseum.  But that may not quite be it.  I think the NFL actually amounts to the modern equivalent of a weekly public witch burning, something like that.  At least in terms of the spectacle and the crowd.

On Maher.  Yes, he’s pretty smart.  Rose is certainly smart himself, and Maher’s smartness is overshadowing in that conversation.  Maher is right, and in complete command while Rose equivocates and douche talks.  See thing is, what Maher is doing is rejecting a false equivalency from the left, that being that all religions are the same in their unenlightened qualities.  It ain’t true.  Islam is worse, it hasn’t been enlightened.  Or the enlightenment it went through didn’t stick.  So why do liberals insist that it’s the same in its unenlightened qualities?  Really, I’m asking why.  Figure, A: the desire to superficially appear more welcoming to muslims apparently can’t withstand some truth and candor.  B: they want muslims as a constuency.  See point A.  C:  American liberals will always hate Judeo / Christianity more, regardless that traditional Islam is a more malevolent and corrosive presence in enlightened Western societies.  So Muslims get a pass from the liberals.

Replacements:  I’ve got no standing to wish I was at that concert, as I knew nothing of the Replacements in the 80’s.  But I wish I woulda been there.

Catching up with their old stuff on Pandora.  The guitar playing is a bit too coarse and high pitched for my tastes these days.  It is without a doubt organic rock and roll with a lot of energy.

Where my interests intersect in any explosion of nostalgia are with this Midway Stadium concert T shirt they have that plays on the old Twins logo.  Stinson and Westerberg are shaking hands across the Mississippi river.

I’D LOVE ONE OF THOSE.  Alas, the ebay price is in the hundreds now for these things.  In years to come, mint ones will be a $1000 dollar item in these parts, I am telling you.


One thought on “Jots with dots 9/15 evening edition

  1. pm1956

    The vast majority of liberals in the US are actually mainstream christians of the lutheran/methodist/presbyterian variety. They tend to value tolerance, but they do not disparage christianity, which is where i think you go off the rails a bit. They may not go to church all that often, but few of them identify as atheists, or even agnostics. Most atheists and agnostics are liberal, although i think that you’d be interested in this site: . this is one home to thinking conservatives

    I think that you are spot on about the problem with Islam–no enlightenment, no reformation. In some ways, Islam is still undergoing its version of schism–Sunnis vs. Shias. In Europe, this was the 30 Years war, with Protestants vs. Catholics. or something like that….

    Professionally, Maher gets paid to offend, at least somewhat. Rose gets paid to be as inoffensive as possible.


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