Jots with dots 9/11

Michael Moore is disappointed in the President OK, I can’t make like Michael Moore has a reasoned opinion on this. I can’t use him as an appeal to authority. So I’ll use this occasion to ask: what’s the deal with Michael Moore insisting on being a morbidly obese slob? He’s got the money to not be. He can get lap band surgery and buy some decent clothes. Is being a fat slob a way to demonstrate common man / populist authenticity? Similar to the way Keith Ellison plays fake Muslim so he can drape himself in pan-African authenticity? Is that it? Thing is, Bruce Springsteen does a Tom Joad / Woody Guthrie mashup where he troubadours in a plain blue shirt, jeans, and boots. He succeeds at demonstrating common man authenticity there, without being a fat slob. That’s the way to do it.

ISIS: Meh. The President will do what he has to do, what is required of the situation, good bad, or indifferent. I’m struck that ISIS as a word or acronym has the tactile feel of a comic book criminal organization. Which is apparently perfectly apropos..

Military advisors on the ground: We have a soft spot for military advisors here at Zingy. Though merely a pfc and a corporal, my father was a ‘military advisor’ for LBJ in 1965-66. This ‘advising’ was full of drama and close calls. His birthday was Tuesday, he’s 70 now.

Carney vs. McCain. It’s not that McCain stands stands firmly in the light of truth and wisdom. Ya know, he’s certainly not always right. It’s just that Carney is a lying sack of shit.

9/11/01 –Kid00 was somewhat short of a year old, and Wife71 and I had been married 18 months or so. We took a trip up to Duluth without the kid to hang out over the weekend. We were leaving that Monday morning when it happened. I don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said in terms of what it meant or how it felt. We rolled into Washington County, home territory, some time after mid day. One of the eerier things was, EVERYONE obviously thought, hey, this is it…. and they went down to the corner convenience store to gas up. Like we were all going to bug out and go somewhere that was better than where we actually were. And so they ran the local joint out of gas for about 4 days.


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