Jots with dots 9/10/14 – mostly breezy or poignant observations….

It’s cold and clammy out. I did not discern it to be that stormy, but I had to cross the bridge briefly and found the power out in Hudson. I-94 is bottlenecked from the east at Sunray into St. Paul, the highway being jammed with broken heroes on last chance power drives. I get into a parking ramp on Kellogg, and take something of a non-main vein skyway artery up to the Landmark area. Between the Pioneer Press building and the Victory ramp there’s a little jog and a nook where cameras must not see well. There was a guy sleeping on the floor in that spot in the skyway. I mentioned something apropos to the Mrs. a few weeks ago. Overall, there’s been a different vibe in downtown St. Paul this summer. Lots of transient types on the streets during the day. Then I read this today.

Microsoft is buying Minecraft. Oddly, my kids seem to view Microsoft favorably, as they are the maker of the XBOX. They seem to think Microsoft is mirthful and fun as a rule. Buying Minecraft doesn’t hurt that. Minecraft was invented by a Swede I understand. Which explains it being the weirdest / strangest video game ever.

Hillary v. Rand. Could happen. Ya know, should it happen, I don’t think it bodes well for Hillary. Perhaps counterintuitively, the old lions don’t come off well in these matchups of old vs young. There’s also this:

The Replacements are going over about as well as one can when revived for nostalgia…. Which probably means they have something more substantial going for them than merely being a nostalgia act. I knew very little of the Replacements in the eighties, I was just not worldy enough.


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