St. Paul City Attorney has an obviopiphany: Lollie was in public area

No duh.

Before we give the city attorney credit for good judgment, let’s recall that the arrest was on Jan 31 and the dismissal of charges was on July 30. In the interim time period, the city attorney staff likely expended zero effort investigating this. Their decision to dismiss a few weeks ago was motivated by the case nearing the docket and Lollie and his attorney expressing intent to fight the charges in court rather than plea out.

IE, they were going to have to expend some labor and brainpower on taking a prosecution to trial, so they dismissed. At that point they never expected to never hear of the case again.

The great thing for the city is, now, when all hell has broken loose, they can publicly come to the correct conclusion without having embraced one of the property owners or police’s lies. Lucky there.

As I said, with these disorderly conduct charges, the process is the punishment.


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