Jots with Dots 9/3

Passenger Pigeons.  Goes without saying the loss of the passenger pigeon is tragic.  Aside from that, it’s curious to me this is a piece of knowledge that for some time almost everyone gets imprinted with, and it sticks.   Both my kids have learned it in school, as did I, begat, begat, begat.

Pictures of Junk:  I’m not up on my starlets, generally.  I am up on Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.  They’re attractive, and have major league yabos.  In pondering their nude selfies it did occur to me that Apple and the iPhone and the rest of the smartphone biz can’t offer the wealthy a prestige, value added, premium / concierge service where they are firewalled off from the riff raff. I doubt you can price something like that so it’s attractive to even the super rich.  The phone and data business is thus odd and democratic that way, more so that a lot of other businesses.  The megarich have to get a somewhat generic $500 smartphone and then an iCloud account like everyone else.

Still alive:  George Hamilton.  Mind you, I guess George Hamilton has been appearing here and there on reality TV, and as such many people would not figure he had died a while ago.  It did escape me that he might still be around.  Why he’s in the news:

Also still alive:  George Hamilton pal Imelda Marcos

Ross Douthat’s big brain, put to good use.  I said this with less insightful elaboration a few days ago: No matter how coy Chase wants to be, Tony Soprano is dead.

Lollie will be treated to a transparent review, apparently.  This from Chris Coleman.   Meh.  I think it can be stated authoritatively that Lollie was mistreated  by these security guards, and then by the St. Paul Police, who somewhat perversely used the occasion to mistreat him more and worse.  It’s as Marx said, the police in service of the bourgeois shop owners…  He said something like that.

That building management company can be sued, and they will settle without a public review.  For the St. Paul Police’s part, they are going to be sued too.  And it seems to me that an errant tazing where the victim is left not terribly worse for wear has often been worth a low five figure settlement in recent years.  I imagine Lollie will get more.  But insofar as there is a necessity for a ‘transparent review’, it will be worthless if the police are allowed to restate unchallenged their absurd contention that Lollie was a threat to flee or fight.  You got to hold out for and get an admission of malfeasance, people.   Otherwise your transparency isn’t worth anything.

ISIS/ISIL:  This is an obviopiphany derived from a triviality, but note.  Wife had Breaking Bad on last night, and in this episode Gus Fring slits the throat of one of his henchman, Victor, with a box cutter.  I was taken aback.  This may have been the most graphic and disturbing murder I have ever seen on film.  It’s also exactly what is happening to these reporters when they are executed in Syria.  Given the predilection to murder someone, it takes a special kind of depravity to immobilize and decapitate them.

This might be a false analogy: GOP worse than ISIS


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