Jots with Dots 9/2

Jimi Jamison died: I took the kids to Wild Mountain at Taylors Falls this summer for the water slide and alpine slide. They have some ambient rock and commercials playing over tinny loudspeakers placed across the grounds. Periodically there was a Wild Mountain jingle, and I had no doubt it was Jimi Jamison doing the cheesy but pleasing vocals. I found this incredibly nostalgic, and gave kid Kid00 an undergraduate seminar briefing on Eye of the Tiger… which Jamison didn’t actually sing.

The quest for Vat 69: Was in the west metro, stopped at Liquor Boy, which I had heard good things about. They have a lot of stuff, but no Vat 69. It may be time to turn to the interweb. Not sure how that works, who do ya show your ID to?

Container store on France Avenue: Must be second to only IKEA as a draw for expectant couples.

That guy doesn’t throw that hard: Aroldis Chapman. I mentioned this in another post this summer: he really might be the hardest thrower of a baseball ever.

This is a very esoteric point, as games aren’t won by pitch speed. But a great fastball is a visual spectacle, and has a way of manifesting into a statistical one. There’s a certain type of fan who ponders who might be the hardest thrower ever. This is a tough nut to crack, as we’ve only had ‘good’, ie, normalized radar timing for about ten years now (PitchFX), while baseball has a long history that precedes that. And with baseball we’re supposed to give a nostalgic deference to the great old timers, and regard those emaciated kids off the farm in the 30’s as physical equals of the modern elite athlete. This should be a bogus proposition on its face, BUT… some of those skinny 30’s pitchers did throw real hard (Feller, Dizzy Dean, Satchel Paige..). Also, there’s a seasonal strikeout total, say 350 or better, that seems to translate across eras as the signature of 100 mph starter. That 350 seasonal strikeout list would be Bob Feller, Sandy Koufax, Sam McDowell, Nolan Ryan, and Randy Johnson.

Chapman is a reliever so comparing to that list is a bit apples to oranges. But in terms of physical speed, the wise guess is that in being capable of 105 mph, Chapman probably is a MPH or two faster than any of those guys were at their peak.

Conservative outrage dujour: The President’s taupe suit. This is stupid, amirite? I observe there’s an outrage somewhere out on the web, though I can’t place its true source. Most of what I briefly encounter is commentary on the supposed ‘outrage’. Inasmuch as snarksters are ‘outraged’, I guess it’s as fair game for snark as anything else. I am reminded that I pondered this myself in recent years, that there’s an unwritten rule the President can only wear blue or grey suits. Under this rule, pinstripes would probably be too flashy. We appreciate bespoke around here. It would be cool if the President wore a bespoke suit.

New words that I will remember for a time: Taupe

Brain Food: Saw over the weekend some fawning idolatry for Pres. US Grant from Ta Nehisi Coates. It’s a sizable body of commentary, and I have not been able to get to it. I did re-read the US Grant Wikipedia entry. Snap judgment: drunken late bloomer, and admirable.


3 thoughts on “Jots with Dots 9/2

  1. pm1956

    There was actually a similar “outrage” when Ronald Reagan wore a brown check patterned suit. Washington is pretty conservative about dress. Not much in the way of casual Friday there.

    Major problem for US Grant was the scandal plagued Presidency. I haven’t read that article, so will be interesting to see how this is handled

    I often order alcohol (wine) via the web. basically, when it is delivered, you have to show ID and only someone 21 or older can sign for the package. Alcohol can’t be sent via USPS. Oh, and only stores with a liquor liscence can ship alcohol (I can’t send you Vat 69 legally, via USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. –probably an interstate commerce kind of thing, so maybe i could do it via a local delivery service, w/in a state).


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