Lollie arrest #stribpol FNB Building

I walked down the Skyway through FNB building again, cuz I like to eat the calzone in the Galtier food court. Re Lollie a couple corrections form me are in order.

First… I don’t know why I was seeing elevator doors in that common space, cuz there’s no elevator. I was delusional in my initial recollection. The point remains, there is this broad space in the skyway in which there’s some café seating, ostensibly for people to …. wait around. It’s a waiting lounge of some sort, and there’s no way it’s ‘employee seating’. It screams semi-public or public space.

Other correction is, that deli is not a D’ Brians. It’s called “Real Meal’

Anywho, in all of the reports I read the right questions are being contemplated.

I will note additionally, that weeks ago in our discussion of Ferguson I observed that being a metropolitan patrol officer in a city or first tier suburb is about a $100k job these days.

I was wrong. These three officers that arrested Lollie – Hayne, Schmidt, and Johnson – seem to be consistent at around $85k.

See I’m snarking there. And it’s not that I don’t like it that people earn good money. But it seems to me these were $40k jobs twenty years ago. And not that the jobs haven’t gotten harder here, because they have, most certainly. But the quality of policing certainly isn’t any better for the money. These 3 certainly seem abysmal.


One thought on “Lollie arrest #stribpol FNB Building

  1. pm1956

    I think that this is disturbing, and wrong. Heavy handed police tactics. It is crap like this that, cumulatively, makes stuff like Ferguson happen (on both sides–black men getting frustrated, and police acting heavy handedly). If stuff like this happened to Bill O’Reilly, he would understand what white privilege is. Thing is, it used to happen to the Irish, back in the day.

    This is a long way from “to serve and to protect”, etc.

    Interesting the impact that cell phones are having on policing. I think that police should be wearing body cameras.


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