#Stillwater – the TV show


I guess I’ll take a gander at it when it airs.

There’s only 7 story types, right? With ‘fish out water’ being a prominent one.

That’s fine, but NY cop in a small town has been done, oh, about a zillion times. It also might be fair to think they’re trying to do fish out of water as ‘Fargo’. Meh,

I have enjoyed Lilyhammer somewhat as a fish out of water story.


One thought on “#Stillwater – the TV show

  1. pm1956

    sort of a reverse McCloud……

    I have a college friend who is a TV producer over in France, and he has a list of the 101 Anyway, he’s been doing this for like 25 years now. He told me that when he first went over there and started talking to “his” team (the people he was hired to be the boss of), they all rebelled, and talked about how formulaic and typically American this was, as opposed to art. So he challenged them to come up with actual examples that would not fit in his typology. After several months, they all finally agreed with him…and he is still there, still successfully producing American crap for French TV.


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