Post #Ferguson: Weeks 1’s contemplative rushes to judgment

That abysmal police chief held his presser this morning, in which he tried to tie the shooting to a rationale that there might have been a robber in the area. It’s pathetic obsequiousness / douchebaggery. He needs to go.

Here’s a thing: Ferguson’s local government needs to be turned upside down. This can be accomplished, almost immediately. All ya need is… a community organizer…. to put together an electoral plan to remove from office and replace all current office holders. Then execute the plan. Turn out at elections with enough force to put your own coalition in power.

I understand Ferguson is largely a black community. This effort isn’t necessarily expressed as racial thing. I kinda see it as an administerial class vs. the peasants type of thing. Where here, due to a common pattern, the administers are in fact all white. In any event, they need to go so new people can come in and start firing a bunch of people.

The incongruity of Brown’s initial ‘offense’ has been often noted vis a vis his fate. He was walking in the middle of the street. Note, I am as unworldly a middle aged white guy as any, so don’t laugh initially as I break this down. I think I’m more than vaguely aware of a stereotypical ‘white’ complaint in recent years that black teens walk in the street to interfere with traffic and be purposefully annoying. And that this is provocative, hood-ish behavior.

I imagine this is a true observation… to a point. Another truth is… kids walk in the street, either to be annoying or not. My white kids do, here in the exurbs.

I have no idea if Brown was being obnoxious in this way. The answer is either yes he was or no he wasn’t, and its wholly irrelevant in either case.

What is relevant is that the cop confronting him with ‘get the fuck out of the street’ is startling, an overreaction, and an incitement. And it’s excess is a function of ‘broken glass policing’.

That needs to be made clear, in addition to just noting the incongruity of getting shot for what was largely just ‘walking in the street’. The excess is a function of ‘broken glass policing’.

Yesterday I alluded to what is obviously a widespread abuse of disorderly conduct arrest power by the police. A synonym might be “disobeying a lawful order”. Jim Geraghty article.

Dubious / capricious disorderly conduct arrests are an abuse of process. County prosecutors ought to be filing charges for that. That’d put a stop to it.

Man of the hour: Gov. Jay Nixon. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it took as long as it needed to take for things to become apparent.


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