False balance #Ferguson

Know what? There’s a false balance problem here. Not among the people, not among the press. Among the D politicians with oversight re Ferguson. Nixon, Obama, Holder.

You have both the President and AG Holder expressing this as a clash of opposing, equivalent transgressions. Looting from the protestors offset by overreaction from the police.

That’s a rejectable premise. The looting isn’t a big thing. The police are wholly overreacting to mild disturbances that come from a demand for their accountability.

Rand does not hedge and make that mistake. That’s what I like.


8 thoughts on “False balance #Ferguson

  1. pm1956

    Been listening to Faux News recently. They are all in criticizing Obama mode, for putting the police on the same moral level as the protestors….

    which reminds me of this article:


    which I think is pretty accurate, both in terms of the Faux News dynamic (as soon as Obama says anything, they are the opposite) and in terms of the split on the right, between the law and order right and the libertarian right.

    Obviously, like you, I am far more in tune with the libertarian right on this.

    1. Erik Petersen Post author

      I read that, it’s disappointing. I’d like to assert that Fox isn’t ‘real’ conservatism. Might not be as true as I’d like.

      The set of bloggers I have read for years come off as very prescient.

  2. pm1956

    Oh, and one other area ripe for an alliance between libertarians and liberals, that is related to militarization of police/reform of the prison industrial complex–drug legalization/decriminalization.

    Again, that will make the heads at Faux News spin…..

    1. Erik Petersen Post author

      It might. I don’t watch much TV, much less Fox. But in these times you get made aware how embarrassing O’Reilly and Hannity can be.

      Figure, these guys are supposed to be reflective of a worldview that exists somewhere. Maybe Steve King. But beyond that, I don’t know who’s worldview that might be. So it’s a very odd thing, these guys being so far behind the curve.


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