McCardle, on ‘stupid’

I may take it up to more embody McCardle’s temperament there, certainly in my writing.
I do say, this is more a problem on the left, and is an obnoxious characteristic of Krugman, Maher, a few others, and then some of a certain type that fawn over the supposed brilliance of Krugman, Maher, etc. Over the years my own persistent agitation has been having to navigate political arguments framed in constructs of ‘smart’ and ‘stupid’ that pre-suppose some sort of liberal intellectual superiority. Ironically, this pre-supposition by people who often then fail to demonstrate the intellectual dexterity to participate in the argument at hand, other than to throw Krugman up as a trump card.

I’ve been kinda hostile to that, and have reacted in kind on occasion. It don’t matter enough to get all amped though, does it.


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