Don’t not Douthat

Douthat is such a weird name. Douthat on executive amnesty and impeachment.

Formidable piece of observation and argumentation there.

Now here you’ll see Chait withhold full endorsement by saying he’s ‘not totally up on the details’ or whatever.

But this is really just a bit of douche language to mitigate the appearance of agreeing with a conservative. Fact is, the reasoning is strong and as a smart man Chait has no credible way of disagreeing. Which means he agrees.

Here’s Newt.

Look, Newt is both brilliant and absurd. Here, he’s probably right. My accrued life wisdom tells me to not be apocalyptic. So with executive amnesty, I doubt the President gets impeached. Executive amnesty remains a dramatic move however in ways Douthat describes. It will not be without its after effects. And if impeachment is a fantastic possibility, the Republicans putting Democrat candidates in a box over it certainly is not.

Executive amnesty is incredibly destabilizing, electorally. So much so, that I kinda doubt the President actually does it. It’s risky, it’s aggressive, it’s bold, and it’’s radical. The President has been a disappointment as a bold, aggressive, radical, and I doubt that changes now


4 thoughts on “Don’t not Douthat

    1. Erik Petersen Post author

      Let me take a step back.

      It’s an irrelavancy that Posner disagrees executive amnesty is lawless, reckless, a leap into the antidemocratic dark. The Overton window is open to the potentiality of the action itself. IE, it can happen and might, whether dubious or entirely within the President’s authority.

      The question is where we’ll be after. I don’t think it’s obvious this is a winner for Democrats, and it very well might be electorally destabilizing in ways that benefit Republicans over the next several cycles.

  1. pm1956

    I think that you nare missing quite a few things here. Yglesias puts it in pretty good perspective here:

    and even more so here:

    As for popularity, you also forget that polls show that the public want action on immigration reform. And, the Senate passed immigration reform, with a bipartisan bill. It is the House GOP that is completely dysfunctional–they couldn’t pass any bill, until they caved to the far right (Michelle Bachmann was one of the authors!) and actually undid the last immigration bill. What the House GOP did is the complete opposite of what the Republican Party itself advocates- legalizing those long term immigrants and closing the border. The House GOP won’t even provide funding to secure the Border, because they don’t trust the President to actually do that. So they are choosing inaction and lawsuits over anything else.

    Frankly, i kind of expect the President to take some action that will involve giving some immigrants work status (like the DREAM act), and the House GOP deciding to impeach Obama, which will result in a massive Democratic wave if not this year (2014) then next year (2016).

    Welcome to a guaranteed President hillary.


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