Snotty, but not shameful. And it’s not something I would throw in my customers faces. What’s the saying? Never complain, never explain.
You know who lives in the east metro and eats breakfast occasionally? Me!

It may have been more than 10 years now since I’ve been to the Oasis. We like Dick’s in Hudson or Perkins in Hudson or Not Justa Café in Bayport or Gorman’s in Lake Elmo for weekend breakfast.

Oasis has its fans though.

Here’s where corporations aren’t people, my friends.

There’s not much way for a corporate sentiment of ‘patriotism’ or ‘loyalty’ to be expressed that doesn’t get compromised by the competitive marketplace. I mean, that’s why companies seek out tax advantaged domiciles. It’s not the tax so much that sucks, as companies are for the most part just a collection point (with the consumer paying the tax, yada yada. Rote but true.) It’s that the presence of corporate tax creates a venue where your efficiencies will be compared against your competitors, and of course, any money you can save is real money.

So yes, just get rid of the corporate tax, and get the money at another collection point.

Democrats Seize on Social Issues as Attitudes Shift

Perhaps.  But there’s an enormous, noteworthy exception.

I’ll never listen to this:

I am hoping that a Loveland / Lambo podcast is in the works.  But seriously…. I like tips on good podcasts.


One thought on “Nuggets

  1. pm1956

    I liked that article on the corporate tax. I’d be willing to get rid of the corporate tax along with an increase in treatment of dividends and capital gains as ordinary income–assuming that this is roughly revenue neutral. I’d call that a form of tax simplification, similar to the 1986 Tax Reform Act.


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