Senator Amy is on that contact lense issue

I haven’t written about her a lot. Though there are critiques to be made, she’s popular and non- threatening. The Republicans may start putting out formidable candidates again in Minnesota someday, but the outlook at the moment is that Sen. Amy serves another 5 or 6 terms. So what’s the point of a critique.

I guess it’s worth stating the obvious at least once. She’s just not very substantive.
Anywho…. not sure what the controversy would be here, except that yes, contact lenses are expensive. But manufacturers would seem to have the right to establish wholesale covenants with their retailers, a typical condition being the retailers must sell at some consistency around the MSRP.

If there is collusion between companies, that’s different, and maybe a matter for the FTC. Which is also to say, I don’t know how Sen. Amy is to be useful here.


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