Not an Onion headline:  State autism panel disbands in dysfunction

As I said:  “I don’t believe Chris Kyle was 100 percent lying,” said the juror. But the juror said Kyle “may have had to live up to the expectations of his buddies” in relaying the story of the fight.”

Jury felt Kyle’s exaggeration constituted defamation, however. Which I think is the wrong conclusion.

Jury apparently got pretty concerned about the idea that Jesse wasn’t left with a black and blue mark. As I said, it was a bar fight. Chances are it was an oblique blow. In any event, it’s a bit of an obtuse point to get fixated on. Good job, plaintiff’s lawyer.

Correction needed:  During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, Klobuchar said that in states such as Minnesota, that require background checks for private handgun sales, 38 percent fewer women are shot to death by intimate partners than in states that don’t have such checks.

Not true. Minnesota does not require background checks on private sales.  It follows that quotation of the stat is wrong, at least as it might pertain to Minnesota.

I can’t imagine Klobuchar got this wrong in testimony, but who knows. Rather, the reporter probably thinks that as a blue state Minnesota has state of the art, east coast style gun laws. Not the case, its reasonably permissive here in this blue state.

Also as I said:  Cop-killing suspect got drug treatment, not longer sentence

And not that these deferrals and stays aren’t a fine thing under certain circumstances. But what had piqued my eye was Fitch’s history of savage assaults, and then a fairly recent redirection through drug treatment rather than prison.

Someone may have screwed up, but I don’t know that this is easily fixed. You got a lot of jurisdictions with criminal records that have to be merged, and you have certain adjudication workflows that are geared to create certain inefficiencies. IE, if you get a letter from a defendant asking for a chance at treatment, you give it to him if there’s nothing that pops up in the records to obviate that option.  So if you can’t fix the records and workflow problems, you’ll not stop judges from using leniency poorly here and there.

Barney Frank: Obama ‘lied’ about health plans  Numerous links this morning. Here’s one:

It’s interesting that this is the only thing the President and Democrats ever lie about on PPACA. IE, that they alternately choose to be so stridently truthful on Halbig and Obamacare’s supposed revenue neutrality and the nature of premium hikes and all the other little details.

That’s just so weird!


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