Jesse’s win

I was listening to the stream interview of Ventura’s lawyer yesterday, and you woulda thought his dog had died. Best grade trial lawyers comport themselves with greater control than normal people ya figure, but I do wonder if he was disappointed at the size of the award. $1.8 million is plenty only superficially. It has a way of not being all that if the contingency is a third and represents several thousand hours of unpaid law firm work over a few years.

But, I don’t know if its right to guess this would be contingency payable only in victory. Seems odd that it would be in some ways. I’m not a lawyer. But Jesse’s lawyer was like crestfallen.

Anywho, big thing is…. I wouldn’t have thought it likely the jury’s conclusion would be that nothing happened at that bar. Kyle was known to be a story teller, but for this ‘fight’ he has some middling corroboration. And what I figured was, something probably happened, but it was somewhat less dramatic than Kyle wrote. See, bar fights are usually absurd for their ex-post facto exaggeration. When someone says they socked someone in the nose, what that usually means is they almost landed a blow amid a lurching crowd. Occam’s razor suggests this may have been what amounted to this ‘fight’ between Kyle and Ventura.

But this is something that bears at least a passing resemblance to the truth, and I don’t think not expressing the details with 100% accuracy or rather even embellishing them ought make for a defamation loss. Ventura’s damage by that is minimal to the point of unquantifiability.

What seems to have happened with this jury…. And I almost hate talking this way, but here goes … bright people with keen insights understand that Jesse is … what’s the word…. Absurd. I think… ahem… ‘we’ … forget what a warm impression he makes on average people when he is a bit fresh and new to them.


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