Gullible is when….

…your BS detector should go off and it doesn’t. But we probably need a better word than merely ‘gullible’, ie something that also alludes to the confirmation bias in action here.

Now I get it, by the way. I get that Bachmann is a hysterical absurd caricature in perhaps several ways. But fair to say it’s mostly got to do with her and her husband’s homophobia.

However I can’t think of any instance where her behavior has confirmed a tag of patronizing racist or bigot.  I think that just gets assumed… unfairly.  Ya know, cuz she’s an evangelical or the modern rendition of Phyllis Schlafly.  Who I don’t think is a racist either, but it’s all trope so it being unfair is something of a pedantic point.

I voted for Bachmann several times and I have no regrets. Who the hell else was I to vote for?


4 thoughts on “Gullible is when….

  1. pm1956

    Sort of like all the people who think Obama is a muslim? Or not an American citizen?

    There are plenty of examples of confirmation bias in politics.

    I am not certain that Michelle Bachmann is racist–but she certainly is stupid. It is much more than just her homophobia that makes her a caricature–she represents (and clearly deeply believes in) an America that is firmly past, that is no more.

    Interesting that you bring up Schlafly. I grew up in St. Louis and went to school with one of her daughters. Knew lots of Schlaflies. She was simply a slightly updated John Birch-er…and we had lots of them all over the place. She was an embarrassment to her daughter, although this son ( who i also knew is following right in her footsteps. Again, firmly anchored in the past.

    I think that is the thing about most of the anti-Obama people–they are afraid of the future, of immigrants and a future United States that is different than the United States that they remember ( )

    1. Erik Petersen Post author

      I’m on to this trope-ish notion of the evangelical woman being …. I dunno, retrograde and uptight. Anti-sex, anti-drug, anti-modernity, anti-fun. And Schlafly maybe is closer to the origins of that trope, she goes back a long ways by now. Closest I can think of.

      Whatever they were, it’s just not obvious to me that those people were ever racists. Which is the point of the hoax story.

      I think Bachmann is half stupid / half smart. Which probably aint good enough to be a congress person. Really though I doubt she’s been an inferior congressperson than McCollum or Ellison.

  2. pm1956

    I’d go along with Ellison not exactly setting Washington D.C. on fire, but disagree about McCollum (Ellison is my congressional representative–I went to a fundraiser for him in the neighborhood, and he didn’t ever show up. Never called or said anything about it). I never vote for him, more so as a protest than anything else. Many people feel the same way, which is why he has always trailed Obama in elections in his district.

    In any event, there is a connection between race and “Americanness”. This is a good article that explains it. I do not think that this amounts to racism per se (discrimination based on race), but I do think that there are all sorts of assumptions made that are based on race–and that gets pretty close to racism. Maybe 80% of the way there. And when people act on false assumptions– many times you do get racism.

    But that is what i was trying to get to in my earlier comments–Bachmann and Schlafly (and lots of others) want to go back to the times when America was whiter, when their assumptions about race did serve as an accurate depiction of their country. And that is never going to happen. And exactly the same thing is true about gay marriage and homophobia–they want to go back to the times when it was understood by all to be wrong (and you never had to answer the question of “why”, because no one ever asked that).

    I think that is a pretty good explanation of why the GOP is overwhelmingly the party of old people. America has changed, and they don’t like that.


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