Diagramming the comedy stylings of Chris Kluwe

Kluwe’s Penn State ‘joke’ has as its linguistic / literary anchor the trope ‘lecherous f*gs’, and in executing the joke Kluwe reveals himself as instigator of a hostile work environment.


So easily, Kluwe is a hypocrite. He’s a lefty cultural warrior, but apparently very comfortable being a provocative cretin in a sensibility / sensitivity conflict that could otherwise be defined and evaluated by prevailing liberal victimology deconstructions. That is, were this not in the ‘locker room’, and were not Kluwe having already been cast as a victim, etc.

Now, people are often hypocrites, so we take hypocrisy claims with a grain of salt around here. I think the question to ask re his hypocrisy is whether Kluwe is actually this person with advanced moral / civil rights insight we thought he was.  Thing is, he obviously likes getting into obnoxious culture war arguments, and will rush to take a side when he spots an ongoing brouhaha. It may be that with this urgency, he may have merely picked the right, laudable side by chance a couple times over the years.  Thing is, he’s obnoxious, and his compulsive urge is to be in the scrum ya figure.

But seriously, he’s got a real desire for attention, and this is a character flaw. He has been on the right side, but he’s imperfect. I alluded to this before.



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