Bill Maher is pretty sure Pres. Obama is an atheist

I was on to this before, and it bears repeating when timely.

Maher’s underlying observation is derived from an exercise in self adulatory projection that’s common to the left.  Maher thinks atheists are hip and smart, and those with faith dumb and square.  Maher is hip and smart, just ask him, and he voted for Obama.  He wouldn’t vote for someone dumb and square.  Ergo, Obama must be hip and smart and an atheist.

Not that Maher’s conclusion is wrong, by the way.  At this point the superficial faith of Democrat candidates is probably in most cases a ruse conducted for the sake of swinging some rube moderates.  The base tolerates this, but it’s like gay marriage was.  If any of these guys, including the President, had some appearance of sincere, authentic faith, they probably couldn’t win whatever nomination they sought.


4 thoughts on “Bill Maher is pretty sure Pres. Obama is an atheist

  1. pm1956

    Ronald Reagan never went to church….and Nancy was way way into astrology.

    Frankly, Obama professes a faith, and practices his faith. Why not take his word for it? And if you are going to doubt someone’s faith, why wouldn’t you doubt, say, Mitt Romney”s? I mean, seriously, Mitt is a smart guy, and mormonism is one of the weirdest and least believable religions out there! Joseph Smith found some gold tablets that had a new and hitherto hidden book of the bible? Native Americans as a lost tribe of Israel? Eden somewhere in the middle of Missouri? Polygamy was OK, until God made a timely revelation that it wasn’t (just in time for Utah to become a State)? Blacks condemned to be un-elect, until another timely revelation from God?

    How can someone as smart as Romney clearly is seriously believe any of that BS?

    Personally, i think that all religions are mostly fables, but i do know smart people who sincerely seem to believe. I am actually a member of a church, and the senior pastor asked me why I would join, given that i am an atheist (perhaps an agnostic–i can’t prove that there is no god or gods, although i do think that every claimed god(s) so far have been pretty well debunked). He asked me where i thought morality came from. I told him that morality flowed from human experience–that the Bible was most certainly not the word of God, or even the word of god as written by men, but simply a collection of wisdom literature, that had accumulated over thousands of years. He chuckled and said that he estimated that at least 33% of all mainline protestant ministers would agree with that statement, and welcomed me to the church..

  2. pm1956

    Hey, on another note entirely….

    you should read this:

    this is from the blog of Charlie Stross, a nerd, computer programmer, engineer type, and science fiction writer. He offers some really interesting ideas about the future of computers and computing and how our world will be both different and the same in 20 years time, as well as interesting thoughts on Moore’s Law, etc.


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