I have my doubts this is true:  Hillary “not well off”

A statement like this ‘not well off’ one can be evaluated as literally true or relatively true, and unfortunately for Hillary, it’s neither.


This bit of absurdity is cheap laughs for those inclined.  So I’m laughing cheaply, to a point.  But the pertinent mystery is, why is this her answer to this line of inquiry?  Ostensibly, Democrats are not against earned wealth and good fortune, provided the appropriate taxes are then paid.  So the correct answer should be, we did very well and we’re grateful, and we met all our tax obligations.  Not, we didn’t really earn very much.

So why is she mouthing this absurdity, which is damaging, rather than the truth, which is not?


2 thoughts on “I have my doubts this is true:  Hillary “not well off”

  1. pm1956

    clearly she is worried about it. maybe she feels some form of guilt about how she became rich, maybe she is worried that she will be seen as “out of touch” with the “common people”, maybe she is worried that an Elizabeth Warren populist might challenge her, maybe she is worried about a GOP populist opponent in 2016.

    I think that it would also be smart of her to say that she and her husband were lucky, in that they have benefited from opportunities that are not available to everyone–not everyone gets to be an ex President, and we live in an economy that rewards rarity (best athletes, best actors, even former Senators, all of whom are not common). Then she should go on to explain how it will be her priority to make certain that there are appropriate government policies to take care of everyone–a social safety net–because the economy and the markets do a good job of taking care of those with the rare skills/opportunities/luck (lottery winners), but not such a good job with everyone else.

    But she isn’t handling all of this too well so far. I do expect that she will get better, although this is the danger of her being kind of rusty–she hasn’t spent a lot of time in political debates, fencing with reporters, getting her lines down pat. If she doesn’t get some practise in with democratic primaries, she could be an easy target for a battle tested GOP nominee–or at least particularly gaffe prone.


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