Conservative Outrage Du Jour: you guys are getting some of the tech stuff wrong

Someday we’re going to have more than 1 commentor and 3 passive readers, so today we’ll learn how to be sort of high class and embed a tweet.

Katie is one of these eye candy young conservatives, and we like her.  She was big on fast and furious.  She’s wrong here though.  I’m the IT guy, and I’ll explain, though the administration ought to be making the correct case for themselves.

The emails were lost, so the IRS says.  But in an effort to comply with Issa’s subpoena, they scoured Lerner’s internal recipients for their archives.  In this way, they could recreate a log of communications, at least partially.

So what’s important to understand is that the external correspondence was not ever missing in a way that was different than internal correspondence.  It’s just that the tech guys have no way to access those external recipients to get their archives and stitch together a log the way they did for the internal people.  Though you can bet they got much of it because internal IRS parties were cc’d.

You’re welcome, Obama administration.


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