Right, she was lying. Everyone knows that. So what’s a proper answer to Gross’ question?

PS:  this wasn’t supposed to appear here.  maybe we sussed out a bug on the app.  I love that!


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  1. pm1956

    It all depends. Everyone knows the basics here, and its not like she did anything that any of the rest of of didn’t also do–we changed our minds. Some did it sooner, some did it later, some did it and waited to tell others, etc. This is what happens on all sorts of moral issues. racism was pretty much the same. Depending on where in the US you lived, you’d go along with the local Jim Crow approach (when in Rome…), and when the tide finally turns, you’d jump on the bandwagon.

    There is a great book by a guy called Timur Kuran called “Private Truths, Public Lies” where he talks about this (preference falsification he calls it) and uses it to explain the incredibly rapid fall of the USSR (everyone professed support in public, because you could be “disappearred” if you didn’t, so when support began to erode and some early adopters bravely came out and said that the emperor had no clothes, support for the regime rapidly evaporated, and it ended up that no one really ever supported it). The same happened with apartheid in South Africa.

    The point is that Hillary is not a moral hero. She is a transactional politician. Surprise!

    At least she isn’t claiming that she marched with Martin Luther King….
    (sorry, that is a bit of a cheap shot. Can’t defend Hillary by attacking Romney. But they are both transactional politicians–moral heros rarely make good politicians. They tend to see the world in black and white, rather than shades of gray)


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