Science: The war on Cheese Boards

I’m not sure how to track this by category, but track it I will.  I’m thinking under 97% Consensus.  Because as an adjunct of the Obama administration, it must be assumed everything the FDA does is smart, holy, and good.

I, for one, fully expect the FDA to arrive with SWAT teams at the premises of suspected offenders.

Update: Bummer, the dream of sending SWAT teams into artisanal cheese farms, levying fines for use of cheese boards, and sending cheese board users to prison is apparently already dashed.


5 thoughts on “Science: The war on Cheese Boards

  1. pm1956

    Sheesh, Erik: you can’t blame this on Obama. The FDA is independent. They were assholes under Bush and Reagan as well.

  2. pm1956

    On the other hand, there are areas where Congress has prevented the FDA from taking action: nutritional supplements. That is an areas that makes all sorts of dubious claims, and should be regulated by the FDA. Garcinia Cambogia indeed!

      1. pm1956

        Saw palmetto? enlarged prostrate?

        literally all snake oil. These would be good places for the FDA to act, but Congress won’t let them.

        I was talking to a friend who has started 3 or 4 very large, successful medical device companies, who deals with the FDA constantly. He confirmed for me that there has been no difference between the FDA under any President–they are always assholes, and nothing helps.

        He is a Republican, fwiw.

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