A fair MinnPost story…. So far


But I would think that if this series is to be underwritten by the Joyce Foundation, then Mr. Cronin is going to be obligated to write about the gun people in a much more unflattering way.  We’ll see.

I had read about this yesterday:


This incident apparently hasn’t made for a decent anecdote about ‘stand your ground’, because it happened a month ago and yesterday was the first time I’d heard of it.  It doesn’t google as if there has been extensive reporting about it – no search results beyond yesterday.

I still don’t have a carry permit, though I am in support of them.  I guess its fair to say say I’m not afflicted with the stereotypical psychological motivations, valid or not, that makes one go out and get the permit.  I walk around downtown every day, and I do have a sense of alertness, but I’m not on a hair trigger, pardon the pun.  I’m pretty at ease with the world.

When I was youngish, trepidatious, and wispy I think I did get sized up for hassling by sketchy characters.  And I did get mugged once.  I’m old and robust now, and I glower and walk on by when sketchy characters try to make eye contact.  That certainly isn’t always going to work I’m sure, but it seems to work most of the time.  That’s middle aged white male privilege for ya.

Other thing is, I don’t own a centerfire carry handgun, and I’m not inspired to buy one.  There’s no aesthetic there.


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