Shinseki fires himself, the President accepts

Correct result.  Atrocious analysis and decision making by the WH, horrific press conference by the President.

I accept, by the way, that Shinseki is an earnest servant.  His experience reminds me of Truman’s warning to Ike as a military man coming into govt:  You’ll expect to give orders and have them executed, and it won’t happen.

It wasn’t his fault, but he had to go, and this was discernible a week ago.  And it is actually because of the ‘distraction’ nature that President described Shinseki as identifying.  Thing is, the President ought to have known that, and not have to be told that by Shinseki.

I do think there’s a lot to be said for having a President with the scholarly knowledge of law, history, and justice that the President Obama has.  But I have my doubts he has any experiential knowledge that would allow him to make a pragmatic, day to day, nuts and bolts management decision.  I am very cautious to embrace conservative memes, but this one is true.  He’s not a manager or executive, no matter how much his fans like to tell you otherwise.


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