Crime blotter: towing guy

Terribly interesting:

One quibble Mr. Reporter.  Is the guy Jennings or Jarret, and did he make bail or not?  See paragraphs 2, 3, and 5.

Inasmuch as I key on money and salaries here sometimes ….  I’m not all that materialistic and greedy and I do not covet.  But I do mentally catalog, in a Studs Terkel like fashion, what vocations pay.  It’s just good stuff to know, helps understand how people live like they do, helps understand how commerce works…  So this guy turned in more than 143 cars over the last 4 months, for a minimum of say $40000.  Probably a lot more.  That’s a car a day, but it’s really more than that, as we haven’t properly excluded weekends.  Can’t say the guy didn’t work his fanny off.  You work that hard, it must be hard to maintain a debilitating drug or alcohol problem that is typically associated with criminality.

You look at this guys record, his line of ostensibly ‘straight’ work, his prodigiousness in this venture, and you say to yourself….  this thing is part of someone’s organized racket.  We’re not used to blue collar organized crime in Minnesota.

And the detective disavows that, says the guy is a one-man show.  Could be.  The detective quoted is awful loquacious for a media interview.  I’m surprised at that.  I bet he might be a little wrong in some things, I would imagine this guy is one of these that has the signs out that say ‘I buy junk cars’.  So much of the 143 ought to have been legit you figure.

I don’t know how you get around the title problem when you are trying to scrap your car, can’t understand how that works.  And the detective and reporter do not provide that info, which is fine.


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