Here’s the thing: VA

Ostensibly, the malfeasance here is not ambiguous.  VA administrators around the country kept their actual wait list “off book” so that their public wait list showed compliance and turnaround in harmony with various performance goals.  This was done generally to paint the bureaucracy and its workers in a more flattering light…and ya know, government institutions probably auto-fellate themselves somewhat frequently….but there were also salary bonuses paid to these administrators based on tarted up numbers.  The externality was that veterans were delayed treatment so that administrators and the bureaucracy could look good and be paid well.  Some veterans died while they were waiting.

So its fraud, with the culprits knowable, now or fairly quickly.  So why all this reluctance by the Administration to express how the situation is to be remediated?

The path forward is obvious.  Violators are to be fired, and the AG will  bring up charges against them.

This is rudimentary civics, and failure for it to happen.. and I fully expect it will fail to happen… is what people mean when they say the administration is lawless.


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