America’s greatest political analyst: Bill Maher

He’s right again:

You’d think there’d come a day when the intra-party conflict is too great, and the Democrats have to stop equivocating on Muslim misogyny.  For now though, they  need the votes, so its OK.  Kinda like a ‘noble lie’, ie, ‘if you like your plan you can keep it’, ‘Benghazi was caused by a video’.  Its all OK as long as you need the votes.


4 thoughts on “America’s greatest political analyst: Bill Maher

  1. pm1956

    I agree. I love maher–and he is consistently politically incorrect, especially on religious issues. Christopher Hitchens was also great at this.

    I don’t think that Dems are soft on islam because of votes–there simply are not enough muslim votes out there to matter (except in the Detroit suburbs, and those muslims are already pretty Republican–not because they like the GOP on immigration or much of anything else, but rather because they oppose the black Democratic machine–I have a cousin who is a muckety muck in HUD in Detroit and he tells stories about the ethnically defined politics there that are all focused on graft, patronage, jobs, corruption, influence and –what a mess).

    I think that Dems are soft on Islam because they really don’t want to offend anyone. They (collectively) have internalized political correctness to an inordinate degree, and have trouble resolving the conflicts (here, between women’s rights and “religious” rights). Of course, they have actually been pretty good about criticizing Boko Haram, while some on the right (Anne Coulter) have been making fun of this (I think that this is the residual racism on the right showing its ugly head again–why should anyone care about what happens in Nigeria, anyway?).

    Of course, I think that the whole idea of religious rights is total BS.

    1. Erik Petersen Post author

      I agree, they are wary to offend. Other thing I’d say (as a guy who blusters a bit about this), is that liberal self regard is extraordinarily linked to anti-bigotry….which is fine as far as it goes…. but this anti-bigotry has an effect of timidifying them from making obvious, no-brainer cultural critiques out of fear they may be called bigots themselves.

      This is kind of obtuse, but would perhaps be no-harm, no foul, except these liberals then go and call Repubs/Conservatives bigots for making obvious, no brainer cultural critiques, these critiques being things that are merely a reflection of contemporary western value judgments, and not bigotry.

      1. pm1956

        There is another issue among the GOP: why are religious freedoms for christians sacrosanct, but not so for muslims? (here the obvious example is ability to pray at work 5x/day, versus prayer at school). Another version of this right double standard is supporting equal rights to education for muslim women (this exists in many (but not all) parts of the muslim world) but not equal pay for women in the US….

        but to your point on anti-bigotry: fairness/equality has long been one of the touchstones of Dem politics. This was what FDR was all about, LBJ was all about, etc. Take a look at this piece by Nate Silver on the relative importance of fairness/freedom memes for Dems and Repubs:

  2. Erik Petersen Post author

    I think that’s a stretch, but I’d agree the GOP is too ‘evangelical’.

    Well, there’s a perfectly reasonable observations that says Dems equal pay legislation is a crock. It’s a demographic phenomena and not a problem of bias, all the law would do is make companies collect data that stand in for a set of presumptions that would make them lose lawsuits easier.


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