As we were saying: the derision of climate skeptics

Couple things:

Cupp is addressing what I alluded to, that being the speech code shaming and derision of people who merely would like to articulate the cost / benefit argument or the details of what actually is supported by consensus, and then have those observations be afforded the seriousness they deserve.  Maybe we’re right on the derision / speech code, maybe were wrong, but this is not a figment of our imagination.

Re the causality for extreme weather events, Nye is factually wrong as far I know.  Cuz I read, K?  The various studies are at odds, with what I would say is a bias towards climate change NOT increasing extreme weather.  In any event, there’s not consensus on this point, but he continues to assert it’s indisputable.  Bulllshit.  This is in effect a guy pulling rank in an argument by virtue of his status as a ‘smart guy’.  I don’t care how well regarded he is otherwise, this is an obnoxious douchebag move.


6 thoughts on “As we were saying: the derision of climate skeptics

  1. pm1956

    couple of things…I saw the clip, and certainly didn;t see any bullying going on. As a matter of fact, I think you are being overly sensitive–man up! Are you trying to play the victim here?

    Seriously, if you disagree, then engage–don’t be a pussy and say that you are being bullied! Show that Nye is wrong.Cite the evidence. but complaining about being bullied is pretty weak tea.

      1. pm1956

        Excellent. Lomborg is nuanced–one of the reasons i like him. Clearly, some of the extreme weather is caused by global warming, but global warming will also temper other extreme weather. Nye is being simplistic, and not presenting all sides of the story.

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