Zingy News Digest – 5/7

Zingy News Digest – 5/7

More quick hits.  Maybe this will be a regular feature.

On Stewart Mills:  I meant to get to this a week ago.  Mills gave the Nolan campaign a hard time about ten days ago over a fundraiser with an appearance by Peter Yarrow.

I think that’s … low.   It’s Peter Yarrow for crying out loud.  Peace love dope, relax man.

And I’ll say something maybe a little impolitic in these times…. I don’t think Yarrows ‘crime’ was very heinous.  Yeah, ostensibly there’s a victim…but… this crime wasn’t ‘heinous’ and you’d think the victim would have no great problems recovering and moving on.

Anyway, Nolan canceled the appearance.  Shame on them, pussies.  Jeez.

I don’t live in the 8th but I am getting a lot of sponsored stuff on my facebook feed from Mills, generally directed to gun owners.  That’s fine, but it’s the hysterical stuff that I kind of don’t like.  I would vote for Mills and be happy that he wins but it’s nice to see a guy take the high road.  I’m not sure he’s doing that.

Spiderman 2:  saw that Monday night.  Might be the worst movie I have ever seen.

Online advertising / Facebook advertising:   If print has been decimated and everything moved online, I wonder why it is all I see in my various streams are testosterone ads for middle aged guys.  I am middle aged by now, and I do gather how my various cookies would have sussed that out.  But this is all I get, and my interests are more varied than that.

On testosterone ads:  I used to wonder if it was just the conservative web universe that had all the testosterone ads, we buying very anxious about our manhood and all.  But I am seeing these on new Republic and Slate and a few other lefty places now that have recently incorporated big professional web adstreams.


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