The pardoning

If we’re to have a uber-lefty  President, as we do, you figure one of these days a bunch of pardons and commutations will get issued.  Some justice will get redistributed, with the figurative boot coming off the neck of several thousand non-violent people who were oversentenced.  The jails will get emptied out, by decree.

This will be a good thing, and I’m all for it.–162714911.html

The President and the Attorney General’s paralysis here is atrocious.

How is it that this Ronald Rodgers problem is actually a problem?  Does he not report to anyone?  Fire him.  Ask him to resign Mr. Holder and President Obama.

How is it that the President and jay Carney are not asked about this publicly?


One thought on “The pardoning

  1. pm1956

    I am all for getting non-violent offenders out of jail for good. probably never should have been sent there. Three strikes laws are terrible, and drugs should at least be decriminalized (generally I am for legalization, but I still have some concerns–widespread decriminalization would at least be a good first step)


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