Fawning Idolatry: more Chris Colabello

Here’s where we are with the Twins, and what’s changed:

  • Colabello made the roster probably with the expectation he would be a platoon righty, and a 6 hitter in the order.  A part time role, maybe say 350 at bats over the season.  Well he had good games right off the bat, and they never got around to using whatever platoon lineups they had cooked up.  Colabello has played in every game and now he’s the full time cleanup hitter.  He’s been effective.  This could change, but there aren’t obvious candidates to replace him.
  • It’s foolish maybe to speculate on Colabello’s future stardom, but he has by now been exposed as a bona fide major league hitter.  There’s not much reason he can’t get to 100 rbi’s this year if he stays productive as the cleanup hitter. 
  • A comparable for Colabello is Kevin Millar, who also came out of indy ball and got a late start in the majors.  Millar had a nice career nonetheless.  http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/m/millake01.shtml
  • We were all despondent a week ago, because the starting pitching hasn’t been great, but Twins are 8-7 now, Nolasco and Gibson having come around.  You know how many decent starting pitchers it takes to have a decent ballclub?  Two.  So I think there’s some reasonable hope now that the Twins can win 75 – 81 games this season.
  • I don’t see much hope for Mike Pelfrey.  His stuff isn’t good.  I’m having visions of http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/bergmse01.shtml

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