Some brownies would be nice

To review, we can’t have Sunday beer and we can’t have medical marijuana because Minnesota is a culturally backwards place akin to Mississippi where fundie prudes have a deathgrip hold over retrograde conservative politicians in state office.

So this is absurd eh.  Yes, we got gay marriage.  But the lesson is, when there’s progressive causes / movements with broad popular support, the public can’t have any of it if key Democrat constituencies don’t assertively sign off as well.  This is what I would call another sort of disgusting partisan gridlock.

Anyway, one place where the rubber meets the road…my 67 yr old mother is recovering from a hip replacement, and she’s in a lot of pain.  A variant of oxycontin is the most effective pain reliever, but her physicians are parceling out prescriptions in dribs and drabs.

That is its own bailiwick… patients having to endure more physical pain than necessary because the physicians are cowed to comply with purely administrative rules that come about because of the drug war….  IE, it’s got nothing to do with medicine itself.

What came about that was unusual to me….my cousin is a smart, prosperous, 30 something urbanite, and a prog.  And she suggested to my mother that she try some weed for pain relief.  And offered to get her some.

My mother declined I think only because her smoking days are over.  Some brownies might be nice.

That’s where we are in the culture, at least a few miles ahead of DFL office holders.


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