Powerline Movie

Not about the popular righty blog.  As we were saying, it was a movie of the week, inspired by events of the 70’s where farmers were tipping over powerline towers here in Minnesota.

The movie was “Ohms”, starring Ralph Waite, and it aired on CBS in 1980.  I was 11 or so, 5th grade.  I remember some things about it fairly vividly.  I recall in climactic scene the farmer protester guys sneak into the Governor’s mansion and erect a mini power tower in the lobby or the big great room.  Governor encounters this tower in the morning and has a change of heart about the big power line.  The end.  i think that’s how it went anyway.

IMDB alludes to “Ohms” being a buddy movie of a sort, and I guess I recall that too.  Waite was a farmer, and say irascible and conservative, but he had a sidekick who was maybe liberal and radical, and a teacher.  I bet teacher character was loosely inspired by then Prof. Paul Wellstone.



2 thoughts on “Powerline Movie

  1. pm1956

    I have always thought that people who object to powerlines because of health concerns are fools–almost as bad as the anti vaccine crowd. And I think that “organic food” is BS too–just another way to separate rubes from their $$$.

    1. Erik Petersen Post author

      What that was all about is perhaps a salient question, insofar as we are revisiting the Sagebrush Rebellion in recent days. I don’t recall it as expressly about health, but I was very young and haven’t thought about it for a long time.

      Strikes me that it was a center / left / labor thing, and had some loose crossover with that long, nasty Hormel strike in Austin


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