Equal pay for equal work, women earn 77 cents for the dollar that men make

Been hearing this talking point for years: women earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn

There’s some pushback this morning from conservative circles that argue maybe this isn’t true, or isn’t what the White House says it is.  Maybe so, but it’s something of an irrelevancy either way in my mind.  Or ought to be. 

It’s intuitive that the pay gap is explained by the time women take off for maternity.  So intuitive that just about everyone understands it without a lengthy explanation.  But I’ll explain it anyway.  Those work interruptions that come from maternity leave last from several weeks to several years.  With time on the job comes seniority, and with that comes more pay as a reflection of production, value, expertise, etc.  But maternity leave postpones the accrual of seniority, so those who take leave end up behind their peers in pay.

So the gender pay gap is explainable by benign biological / vocational forces and not some sort of malevolent discrimination.  Nevertheless, the Democrat’s do have various Equal Work / Equal Pay schemes that profess to fix the pay disparity.

What do these schemes do, exactly?  Outlaw a wage premium for seniority?  I’m mystified.


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