Twofer: Hypocrisy watch watching plus conservative outrage dujour

This is the twofer: Californian anti-gun state senator indicted for gun running scheme.  Conservatives pretty upset this is not making the news.

Old hypocrisy watch business:  Sen. Sean Nienow

Guy should resign, this must be an incredibly safe seat.  I remain interested in this as a small business and fraud case study.

So the New Yorker, Solomon, has a niche professional practice that generates X annual income consistently.  Sure, that can be sold you figure, valuation should not be too difficult.  You negotiate from there.

He partially financed the buyer it seems.  That’s not optimal.

It doesn’t seem Nienow used the SBA money for what he said he would.   I don’t know how the money and the business get untethered.  You must not close on these deals like you do for a house eh.



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