Nolasco Sauce

We stepped up and are paying for cable.  I’ll be watching the Twins like a boss this summer.

Yesterday’s game:

Ricky Nolasco is a generic  starting righthander, but how often do you encounter a competent, 4 pitch generic right handed SP?  Mind you, as a Twins fan you say this having watched people fellas like Nick Blackburn and Vance Worley and PJ Walters the last couple years.  Anyway… I had never seen Nolasco pitch, he being a national leaguer in years prior.  Sits at 93 with fastball… very bendy 1-7 curveball….good slider….good changeup.   That’s a real, classic righthander right there, not a barely passable imitation.

Chris Sale:  with my long memory, been trying to figure who he compares to.  He’s very tall, very skinny, throws very hard, and releases from the extreme left….  There’s a passing resemblance to Randy Johnson there.  But Johnson let go about shoulder high and Sale lets go about nipple high, so Sale is actually a bit more unique.  The other tall skinny lefthander who threw this way was John Candelaria, who won 20 for the Pirates in 1977.

Chris Colabello:  Does not have a slow bat, which I was saying last year.


One thought on “Nolasco Sauce

  1. pm1956

    I watched the Cards beat the Reds. I am a Cards fan (always have been–grew up in STL) and have always hated the Reds.

    Mixed feelings about the Twinkies–i have residual dislike based on the 1987 series (I moved to the TC in 1986…), and never liked the Dome as a Baseball “palace”. Oh, and there is that whole DH thing, too. Since then, however, there is nothing to dislike about them except their ineptitude as an organization. And I’d love to see them reverse that–and to really develop a fan base. I could become a Twins fan…


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