Conservative outrage dujour, reviewed

This is Bill Maher asking Rep. Keith Ellison, why don’t Democrats come out against the Second Amendment?  With Ellison responding, “I sure wish they would,” and that ostensibly being a confirmation of something Democrats are loathe to confirm, that they are secret gun prohibitionists.  And by extension, Un-American!  Cue the outrage.

I watched the tape, that’s not what I’m hearing.

Remember when Maher had a show on ABC called Politically Incorrect, and he never said anything politically incorrect (except to question whether suicide bombers and plane hijackers could actually be cowardly by definition)?…  But he never put liberal sacred cows in harm’s way, or skewered them.

To be sure, on Real Time here Maher is speaking candidly, with reality as the context.  That reality being, that the Democrats are prohibitionists when it comes to guns, and that they’d prefer there were no enumerated right to them conferred to civilians.

Insofar as Ellison says “I sure wish they would,” I’m not confident at all that he’s responding to that Maher question in particular. There are a few people talking then, and Ellison himself is mid-effort in completing a pro-forma talking point script he uses on the subject of guns.  The talking point script itself, with its focus on ‘sensible gun safety’ or whatever, is the argument Democrats make specifically to counter the charge that they are gun prohibitionists.

So it’s a hard for me to see where Ellison is the one caught speaking candidly.

To answer Maher’s question:  They don’t come out against it because it’s an electoral loser.  That doesn’t mean Democrats aren’t prohibitionists.  It just means there’s a necessity to posture.  Or ‘bullshit’, as he says at one point during the clip.


2 thoughts on “Conservative outrage dujour, reviewed

  1. pm1956

    Democrats are split over this issue, and it is dishonest and disingenuous to say that they are for prohibition of guns. This isn’t, frankly, a core Democratic issue, one way or another.

    This gets back to my earlier note to you that Democrats, unlike the GOP, do not spend a lot of time trying to narrowly define themselves, or create a Democratic orthodoxy, or purge the party of DINO’s. Those are all GOP issues/hangups/complexes.

    You are engaging in projection.

    And, for what it is worth, Keith Ellison is an ass. Maher is an entertainer. I like Maher much more than I like Ellison (I even voted against Ellison in the past election, because he is an ass–knowing, of course, that he was going to win anyway).

  2. Erik Petersen Post author

    Maher is an entertainer, but it’s fair to say Real Time is not quite the contrived chortle fest that Politically Incorrect was. And here, he’s merely acknowledging the party’s private conversation about guns, where prohibition is the preference, unattainable though it might be.

    Maher is being candid, Ellison is not. Stands to reason, Ellison is the politician.

    I project…sometimes. Topically I am hypersensitive here, like my peers. I do try to avoid their unmitigated zealotry. My zealotry being mitigated if I do say so my damn self, I do think it’s fair to say the prohibitionist wing among the Democrats is strong if not actually dominant.


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