ACA is ‘working’

Jonathon Cohn looks again at whether some of the PPACA sob stories are true.

Inasmuch as they might not be true in any given case, Cohn claims that PPACA is actually ‘working’.

As an assertion, I think this is at best extraordinarily obtuse.  Let’s review  what’s ‘working’

  • Under 26 can stay on parents plan – that’s working
  • Sick people get the same rates as healthy people – that’s working
  • $2500 in premium savings per family – that’s not working
  • If you like your plan, you can keep your plan – that’s not working
  • If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor – that’s not working
  • The individual mandate – that’s not working
  • The employer mandate – that’s not working
  • Price competition from the exchanges – that’s not working
  • Young invincibles signing up to keep premiums low – that’s not working
  • Number of uninsured dropping – that’s not working
  • Health insurance is more “affordable”  – that’s not working

So yeah, you can say PPACA is working if you don’t actually evaluate if any of its components are working.


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