Irony: my cheap glib biases confirmed

I’ve said this elsewhere at various points:  It’s come to pass that high office Democrats can be superficially religious, but many / most Democrats assume this is a posture to woo rubes.  IE, enough moderates and dummies to win a given election.  So as strategy Democrat religiosity is insincere pandering, but  it’s excusable because…Republicans are awful people, and there’s no moral equivalence to be drawn to  Republican panders…and…we’ll be competing under the electoral system a while yet before we achieve dystopic utilitarianism.  Until then, we have to win elections.  See comment on moderates and rubes.

A corollary observation is that Democrats who break the implied rule with overt, sincere religiosity won’t even prevail for their party nomination.  Religiosity being dumb and stupid in liberal culture, ‘smart’ Democrats won’t support ‘dumb’ candidates. 

More granular yet, it also follows that most Democrats are pretty sure President Obama is an atheist.  See, he’s real smart, so it’s not possible he Believes.


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