My Toyota Corolla…

Is in the shop for the first time.  Ever.  2005 model, 165k miles.  Nothing has ever needed to be fixed on it.  Best car in the history of cars, I say.

It needs wheel bearings now.  They are growling.  This is an excusable offense, and I’d do them myself if I had a warm garage and a mechanical press big enough.

I bought this car in 2007, and I traded a nice Ford Ranger 4×4 for it on the deal.  Gas had spiked, was staying above $3.50, which is no big deal now but was then.  That Ranger was going to bankrupt me, literally, I suspect.  I was filling the tank 3 times a week at $50 a time.  $500 a month.  And the payment on it.  And it would have needed tires sooner or later at $200 each.

I liked the idea of being a pick-up truck man, but I doubt I’ll ever do that again.  You buy Corollas, and they get 34 mpg and never need to be fixed.


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