Memewatch: PPACA, employee headcounts, mandate avoidance.

This was percolating yesterday:

I certainly can get as red meat indignant as anyone on the right, but I do pride myself for a discerning eye.  IE, it’s gotta be true.  You don’t want to be a hopeless, pathetic chump for the equivalent of this:

So apparently, there is now a ‘self certification’ requirement for employee headcounts that the IRS will enforce.  If you have employees, you have to attest that your personnel counts are not made with Obamacare headcount thresholds in mind.

There is no statutory text for this in PPACA.  So if true, it’s all the lawlessness and mendacity everyone on the right might say it is.  Only problem is, the only source is “administration officials” say.

So it could be a crock, something of a false flag.  We’ll see.


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