“Log” jam: log is a euphemism for penis, get it?

People are taken aback by the absurdity.  People must be forgetting this comes out of what was the capital of Bachmannistan, amirite?


I kid.  I’m from Stillwater.  If not in the most literal sense (a neighboring berg to be exact), but Stillwater was the center of our social, scholarly, and commercial lives.

So no, I never had this sense of Lake Wobegon-ness where someone would object to the possibility of an obscure allusion to a slang term.  Scratch that.  As an ethnic Catholic, I always had some sense Stillwater was a Lutheran town.  And maybe that’s not literally true, but it was prosperous enough to be WASPy by temperament.  And it did have a robust strain of evangelical weirdness coursing through here and there, that of a sort that couldn’t tolerate a ribald joke or pun.

Maybe I am describing Bachmannistan.


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