PPACA was not a GOP idea

In any discussion of PPACA, it is inevitable that the laws defenders will say ‘but, but, but, but…. It was  Republican idea!”

And the argument is supposed to turn on this point, a demonstration of conservative hypocrisy having been accomplished.  Or something.

The fact is Heritage and some right leaning economists toyed with a discussion of the individual mandate, this basically as an exercise in coming up with an alternative to HillaryCare in 1992-93.  Also, some GOP congressman introduced or co-sponsored bills at times since that glommed on to an individual mandate:




Now let’s grant that the individual mandate has Republican origins, IE, was a concept fleshed out by Republicans.  This does not equal ObamaCare, does not make ObamaCare a Republican idea.  This is because any similarity ends when you implement guaranteed issue and jack up base premium rates, as PPACA does.    This is also why Obamacare is not a ‘freemarket solution’ that should ostensibly be palatable to Republicans if they weren’t ‘hateful obstructionists’, etc.

These are simple details, and you have to be willfully obtuse to not grasp them.


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