Vacation is all I ever wanted

Ugh.  Rolling my eyes.

I think there’s an argument to be made that this woman should have known better than to take this vacation at this time.  Cuz of the way things look, keep up appearances, all that.  And I think there’s an observation to be made that she would have known this had she any private sector experience.  In the private sector the man always thinks he can usurp your vacation.  But maybe that’s not correct, I’m spitballing there.

But this woman is not malfeasant, dear conservative agitpropers.  Indeed, you end up running this bureau at the age of 36 or whatever she is because you’re a workaholic and smart as a whip.  She scheduled the vacation for two months after the exchange opened, during a holiday week.  That’s prudent.  Yeah, the exchange has problems, but they get fixed when they get fixed, and those fixes are not dependent on her presence.

If she gets fired – and it would be a shame if she does – all that’s going to happen is she’ll end up a VP at a place like UHG, where she’ll earn tens of millions of dollars over the next 30 years.


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