For love of douche – Martin Bashir

The guy was overwhelmed by Palin derangement syndrome.  It’s happened quite a few times now in recent years, and so it would seem a fairly unremarkable incident among its type.

Bashir reached new heights though.  Note, the intent of his narrative was two fold:  1) to play something of a Godwin rule card, so that Palin could be called dumb for using the word ‘slavery’ injudiciously,  and 2)  publicly orate the imagery of someone crapping in Palin’s mouth.

Number two … ahem … was of course the primary motivation.  That’s what Bashir wanted most, for whatever reason.

Writing this out to set up the various contexts probably takes a couple hours.  If you are in Bashir’s position and better judgment doesn’t call to you during that time…. I dunno.

I do know these people keep telling us that right is more uncivil than the left.  My arse.


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