Get your moderation on

I’m lining up a co-blogger.  Amazingly enough, he has views like mine!

He asked about this blog’s context and perspective.  This is a good thing to articulate, in any event, but specifically would address how the world is currently underserved by verbose advocates for our unique philosophy.

Look, we are two forties, corporate white guys, with senior technical expertise and status.  We don’t do nearly the same job, but we’re in that same milieu.  And we live in suburbs and have young families.

So we’re strident, recalcitrant right wing cranks.  Except where we’re not.  Which is important.

–          We’re pro-safety net.  We’re not Ayn Randers or social Darwinists.

–          We’re happy to pay sensible and judicious taxes that go to support the safety net.

–          If not explicit social liberals, we have no or little enthusiasm for conservative culture crusades.

–          Quite cynical of corporate, institutional and governmental power.

To the extent these planks would moderate a conservative perspective and make it… more moderate…. That’s not it.  Thing is we still feel like we’re strident, recalcitrant bastards.  And not in much ways ‘moderate’.

We do perhaps feel like men without a ship.  We don’t fit in the democrat party, and they don’t want us.  Maybe there’s a place for us in Republicanism… but we don’t want to be tainted by the goofballs.


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