ACA anecdote: Jessica Sanford

There’s a lot of conservative commentary on the disappointment this gal is facing:

I’m going to inartfully mix some concepts here, but there’s a Democrat political theory that says if you help the middle class you help your party, and that you should try to help the middle class so as that your mission to help the disadvantaged has say the symmetrical political support of a large, influential class…. And that the middle class won’t support programs that help only the poor…yada yada.

Ms. Sanford earns say $50k a year.  She’ll get no subsidy, and is faced with an insurance premium that at a minimum is the size of a monthly payment for a modest car.

She can’t afford that.  To her, the sentiment is going to be, thanks for nothing ACA.  You know, said “ironically”.

There’s a few hundred thousand people out there who fit Ms. Sanford’s demographic priofile.  Single, 50K per annum, no health ins.   But solidly middle class.  I dare assert, almost universally people with this level income that don’t get employer coverage do not have the income to pay the premium on the new policy they are compelled to get.  Their income is spoken for.

ACA does not help these people.  And if you’re not helping these people, you got problems.


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